GIRO DELL’ISOLA OKINAWA 2022 Cancellation Information

This time, it was scheduled to be held from February 11th (Friday) to 13th (Sunday), 2022.
We would like to inform you that “GIRO DELL’ISOLA OKINAWA 2022” has been canceled.

At the executive committee, participants, galleries, staff, etc., based on measures against the new coronavirus, etc.
We have endeavored to ensure that the tournament is held safely while ensuring the safety of all concerned parties.
However, with the dawn of 2022, a new infection of the new coronavirus by the Omicron strain
Due to the rapid increase in the number of people, it is difficult to hold the tournament at present as a result of giving top priority to everyone’s health and safety.I decided that.
Although it was an unforeseen situation, it is truly a regret for the organizer that such a result was obtained.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding in canceling the event.
For participants who have already paid the participation fee, the full amount will be paid.
We will refund you.

We look forward to your continued support of GIRO DELL’ISOLA OKINAWA.

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