Giro dell'isola of the event title means "a trip around the islands" in Italian.
According to the name, the northern part where rich nature and a beautiful beach spread with the
classic car which is own favorite car, sightseeing and culture,
history of Okinawa run through Okinawa Island which is the paradise of the southern country of the
southern parts clogged up in length and breadth inexhaustibility from the north to the south
and think that I want you fully to enjoy it.

The contents that "Okinawa" as the southern country resort can enjoy dishes and the appreciation
of traditional arts that I used the ingredients made specially in a drive course and a cultural heritage visit,
a hometown full of subtropical local special nature for abundantly are clogged up while enjoying rallying.

In addition, I work on contribution and interchange to local industry as an event having
the side of cultural activities and want to perform the approach to philanthropy continuously.
I create an opportunity to interchange with local people through an activity and build up
"a ring of the friendship" by deepening much cooperation and understanding than I correspond to event holding
and aim at building the form as "event = culture".





How to entry

Why don't you take this opportunity to consider participating in the rally?
Please find your own way of enjoying while feeling the Okinawan breeze.
At Giro dell’isola OKINAWA, we look forward to your participation.

How to entry

About the Transportation of Vehicles

We offer a vehicle transportation service.
Vehicles will be brought to the site in advance, so you can come easily on the day.
If you would like to make arrangements, please download the vehicle transportation information and apply.

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