Through the classic car rally, we would like to convey to many people the charm of
Okinawa, which has nurtured its unique history and culture as the center of
Asia since the Ryukyu Kingdom era, boasting rich nature and one of the most beautiful seas in the world.
Driving courses for locals to enjoy touring, world heritage sites and sightseeing spots
where you can experience the history and culture of Okinawa,
and “hospitality” in the Okinawan dialect.
A resort hotel where you can feel the heart of "Utui whip"
to taste. Local cuisine born from Okinawa's unique culture and customs.
It is full of content that allows you to fully enjoy Japan's tropical resort "Okinawa".
Please enjoy your trip to Okinawa with your car, condensed in a short period.





How to entry

Why don't you take this opportunity to consider participating in the rally?
Please find your own way of enjoying while feeling the Okinawan breeze.
At Giro dell’isola OKINAWA, we look forward to your participation.

How to entry

About the Transportation of Vehicles

We offer a vehicle transportation service.
Vehicles will be brought to the site in advance, so you can come easily on the day.
If you would like to make arrangements, please download the vehicle transportation information and apply.

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